I jumped in the sea on Christmas day.
wakes you up.
It’s the local tradition at the forty foot swimming place in Dublin, just below James Joyces Martello tower
(‘stately plump buck mulligan’), hundreds of folk take the plunge, many in fancy dress, a great festive occasion.

A couple of years ago i managed to swear at pams mum, a good catholic woman
Just as i was getting out she asked ‘how was it?’, to which i naturally replied ‘f***ing freezing!!!’

This year, there was a seal swimming about too, guess he was curious about the kerfuffle?
It’s not that cold when your in, but afterwards the wind chill really gets you, my goosebumps had goosebumps!

Afterwards i wore a towel turban wrapped about my head and slurped a sizeable glass of brandy, teeth cha-t-t-ering against the rim
I asked Finn, who had his new christmas camera at the ready, ‘did you get a picture of me jumping in?’
‘aww Dad, your going to have to do it again. Spiderman jumped in just before you, so i took a picture of him instead’


goodness no! I’m not one of those mexican cliff diving tarzan types,
I reckon it was about a 10ft drop max, i guess the 40ft is similar to the possibly slightly spurious length of an irish mile?
forty foot is the name of the place

the water in the Irish sea is alledgedly warmer due to Sellafield (springfield. doh) Nuclear power station

‘the snot green, scrotum tightenning sea’
as Joyce, echoing the ‘wine dark’ sea of the oddyssey calls it.

yep i’ll be in come the summer, me, David Walliams and Moby Dick, your welcome to join us Ed

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