Katie Morag Riddles

here are the four separate riddles from the katie morag stories
a red haired scottish lass, who lives on the isle of Struay

four stiff standers
four dilly danders
two lookers
two crookers
and a wig wag

a wee, wee man
In a dark red coat
a staff in my hand
and a a stone in my throat
who am I?

the land was white
the seed was black
it will take me a good scholar
to riddle me that

as round as an apple
as deep as a pail
it never cries out
till it’s caught by it’s tail

can’t sleep! try valerian and the cha cha cha… no that was another fred
i’ll tell you by end of the day

oops nearly forgot!
the answers were:
a cow
a cherry
a book
and a bell

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