‘Lord won’ t you buy me a mercedes benz, my friends all have porsches, i must make amends…’
as mz joplin would have it

I got an overnight lift once in a merc… though it was on the back of a trailer and was sorta being smuggled into the Czech Republic.
I was hitching home to Prague from Slovenia and had wangled a lift from a Slovenian cycle team, upside down bikes on the top of the car and air horns!
afterwards i got completely marooned on the austrian/czech border, but was befriended by a Russian fellow, who was waiting to pick up a trailer load of mercedes and felt like some company to help him drink his vodka
It was one of those bottles, with just a foil lid, like a milk bottle!
He dropped me off, a bit hungover , in the center of old town prague, first thing next morning.. and it was my birthday!

Russian season, as at the time, for a few weeks, i was sharing a room with a Russian, curiously, called Ivan, he had been a paratrooper in Afghanistan and spoke almost no English
Every morning he’d say ‘Vakky ooop! Vakky oop!’
took me a while to work out he was saying ‘wake up, wake up!’
His other snippet of english was ‘Maggot Tatcher’.
Margaret Thatcher!

and this is what the mercedes museum looks like!

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