michael caine

i nearly posted this one, couldnae decide

lunchtime waffle…

oooh. is there a website where you can find out who shares your birthday? That would be very useful!
I know that my little niece shares the same birthday as Stalin… the resemblance is startling!
but thats about it

as for maurice mickelwhite(?) i predfer the top piccie of him, the bottom one is more obviously iconic, but in the top he looks much more flawed, human

far from swigging champers in the south of france, he is often to be found in the leatherhead branch of B&Q, purchasing formica shelving units, or some such, as he has a mansion quite near my parents (stellar street?) in leatherhead

in fact his wife was once chased by Donald McCloud (my folks lovely old pooch) across Leatherhead golf course, right into a bunker!

actually this isn’t totally true at all, Donald in fact chased that New Zealand Opera singer woman
Dame Kiri Te Kwanawa… and not Mrs Caine
It wasn’t that Iceland mum, Kerry Kattona? or Eric Cantonna either. oh well.

And click on the relevant date.

i am
Willy Messcherschmidt
Jay Silverheels (who he?)
and Gilberto Gil

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