…..a new shark found
some sort of ribbon finned timorous beastie!
(reminds me when is Burns night?)
that shark is miraculously, wonderfully ugly, prob the secret to it surviving 80 zillion years
i feel some affinity with it

………. not put up …..
Ugly Fish! What a good idea you lot.
There must be tons of hideous deep sea critters. behemoths lurking beneath the sea.
got any photos?
We could cut out pictures of them to keep in our wallets
was it Jo Brand who used to call herself the deep sea monster?

One of my friends, she always said i was like a Manatee, a matinee idol? nope one of those dull, happy, ugly browsing sea cows. I think their great! Mermaid of legend.

Down in ze deepest worzel devon, me lover (you do the accent) theres a dish called starry gazey pie.
In which they bake the fishes head, so that it’s cold dead eyes stare up to heaven!
Despite (because?) of being a vegetarian, I am fascinated by fishmongers, i love wandering around Spanish or French markets
All the Fish, belly up, stone cold, clammy dead on the slab. Fascinating.
Like Aliens.

Actually Mark when he was a monk, said that one of the Buddhist day trips was a visit to the morgue, i can see them shaven head, saffron robed, standing about gawping at the corpse. Sorta funny.
I guess the lesson being that life, the soul, is most definitely not the body

Once Kath, Dave and I found loads of puff ball mushrooms, we fried them up, then went out to the Red Cow, to wash them down with buckets of scrumpy. ugghhh felt just so sick the next day.
went to play pitch and putt on the local course. Forgetting it was just next to the cemetry.
All morning long. hungover. the wind blowing the smoke of Incinerated bodies all over the course
cheery stuff.

deep sea beasts? the other week i phoned a fax machine by mistake, just sitting their listening to it’s plaintive groans, the warble of it’s long drawn out moans, like whale song.
Whale song of the Info deep.
i must get out more.

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