…. the one day in years it snowed in Brighton, that morn

Amazing! Hope it lasts till the kids get out of school
anyone for a snowball fight by the fountain at lunch?
programmers take on the rest of the world! as ever.
I made a snowman in the middle of a snow spiral this morn, prob knocked over by now, but hugely satisfying

In Prague when it’d snow, people would cross country ski through the heart of the old town!
First sniff of snow and we’d all tumble out of the squat cafe for a snow battle on Karlov Most (Charles Bridge), hurrah, then i built a snowman just next to the statue of the lion with the wobbly nervous smile
… a friend of mine singing all alone, late at night in the old town square, snow glow like daylight.
she was a busker , but just doing it for fun this time. Snow has incredible acoustic properties, the sound deaden muffled, but bound resound of the buildings. ethereal

and heres a piccie Joe took of the snow, good isn’t it

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