Natural History Museum

from Ed
I organised a trip to the Science Museum last weekend and I had a brilliant time, although it was a little smaller than I remember it being as a kid.

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Thats a very good idea Ed, like a school trip
we always used to go to the Natural History museum when i was young, packed lunch would be womble sandwiches. which are jam, banana and crisps!
what was that film ‘one of our dinosaurs is missing?’
I was at the Natural History a few months ago, it’s looking a bit tatty, needs a spruce up and a revamp.
I prefer the V&A. When i was young i thought ‘Victoria and Albert, thats just full of boring girls dresses’.
nowadays being a big girls blouse i think, ‘the history of fashion, how fascinating’
but theres so much more in it than that! Some groovy Buddhist statues, but my fave is ‘the hall of fakes’
Those totally bonkers victorians roamed the world plundering what ever they could and bringing it home, then stuck it in a museum, for the edification of it all.
The stuff they couldn’t loot, too big, too nailed down? Well they some how made huge wax casts of it all,
then back in the Victoria and Albert, made life size plaster cast cement models of them.
It’s a very baffling, odd, juxtaposition of artefacts, times and cultures.
Theres the enormous Trajans column from ancient rome, sitting right up against the portico of a medieval french cathedral
I love it!

Does the British museum still have sleep over nights, when you can sleep in the room with the egyptian mummies? The inspiration for Night at the Museum!
I went to see that Film with Finn the other week. On the saturday we’d gone to see Flushed Away, which was great, but Finn woulkd only come if I promised to take him to ‘Night at the Museum’ the next day. In the end i succumbed, acceded to his demands and indulged in good old fashionned bribery.
The film? well, it’s alright i guess, i liked Attilla the Hun. It’s a good film for 10 year old boys, having a 10 year old boy in it and a divorced dad, so just about right.

has anyone seen the skeletons in the Boothe museum?

ooh now i wish to witter about the Sir John Soanes museum in Lincolns Inns Field!
another day

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