Lakes and Sunsets

a tableau… 3 from Lago Atitlan (last week) and 2 from Flores this eve… no post complete without at least one selfie! X

boys jumping onto the dock… Part 1
boys jumping onto the dock… Part 2
waves of water, waves of land…. boat wake and volcanos
sun kissed boy
golden violet hour

My faves are the boys jumping onto the dock…. I’m not much of a photographer, always preferring to express in words, but occasionally you get a twitch of Cartier Bresson
Sunsets are the best time of day… I was sitting at the back of the boat waiting for it to take me home… A framing of dock with backdrop of volcano, boats arriving at a beautiful angle, the boys silhouetted by the light of the setting sun… Of course the photo I wanted never quite happened… One of them in mid air leaping
But hey ho, with my bewilderment of phone buttons, normally I manage to turn it off rather than taking a snap, so just be happy
One of the things I loved was the speedboat across the lake as a normal means of travel… Me whooping at every bump, the locals cheerfully non committal… Just going about their lives … Beauty so constant, it is worth neglecting, is to my mind a wonderful notion
Used to get a similar vibe on the top deck of the sunset bus home from work along the cliffs. Humdrum sumptuousness x

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