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Vimbleeydon! said in a fake ozzie ardilles tottingham tone
perfect for a scorcher sunshine day… Finn had the telly on yesterday whilst i was working, no distraction whatsoever!
as a kid i’d always be ill at this time of year, it would be my birthday and i’d have to lie in bed eating strawbs, wearing sweat bands, pondering tennis
it was always only a few train stops up the road from where i grew up, so went several times late 70’s early 80’s usually with flaps
the famous time (yearly trundling out of same hoary anecdote) skipped college and went up at dawn to join the queue for free standing…
once they opened the gates cheerful mad dash and got to front row on center court… it was 82, got to see a grumpy McEnroe in his pomp!
first week, so he turned up, thrashed his opponent in about an hour, as tho flicking off a flea, then was gawn, superb

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82, ha must have been the year federer was born! Vitus Gerulatis! Roscoe Tanner, Borg frolicking on a baltic island with all of abba
anyway fabulous day, except turning up for college the next morning… usual excuses ‘sabre tooth tiger ate my homework’, except my kindly form tutor Dr Rispoli
‘where were you yesterday?’ he’d spotted me on the evening news, front row wearing a bright orange t-shirt…. camouflage seldom my forte!
anyway been up since 5:30, failing to mend my bike puncture, it’s blooming impossible!
aw wimbledon, must admit the genteel english middle class-ness makes me cringe, but should be a bumper crop this year, possibly the last hurrah for federer, nadal, djokovic… oh and murray too, fabulous players!
won’t see any of it at buddhafield… will just be too busy ecstatic dancing… nimble skipping towards enlightenment x

RP: You always were a malingerer x

ha, fey artistic temperament you mean, bet keats never had to put up with such heckling ‘stop moping around, get a proper job!’, still i spose the poor fellow really was under the weather x

Julia C: Wobbledon Wimble on x

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