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Spirulina the virulent! basically radioactive pond slobber… with possibly a higher iq and certainly oodles more compassion than any member of the government
we influencers like to share grub snaps of our glamorous lifestyles… breakfast with my usual post yoga morning glow
daughter has got me into overnight oats… cold soggy porridge… proper ballast… without any of the irksome waiting around for it to cook and scraping cement off the pot washing up… i’m a busy man!
this rendition has chia seeds, hemp hearts and my own home made nettle powder… strawbs, banana and peanut butter
what does it taste like? best you don’t ask! i love the taste of fresh nettles, but once dried they smell like boiled underpants
as for spirulina, i am trying to reside in a field of non judgemental open presence… ommm… possibly not nommm
just because you imagine it makes you gag doesn’t mean it lacks virtue for your taste buds
‘blessings on the coaxing of the golden light of the sun, the nurturing warmth of mother earth, the softness of rain, the exuberant gusts of wind… harmony’
tally ho tings to do… have a righteous beautiful day! x

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