one word

lawks and lordy, just a single word?! Flounder Fluster. Dear Brain Derr Brain, surely it can’t be that impossible?

I nearly always stop to talk to Market researchers and TV reporters, a regrettable weakness, i always tell people it’s because of my time interviewing Ozzie Grannies in the supermarket suburbs of Sydney. ‘G’day, so you think processed cheese slices taste of plastic? Is that before or after you take the wrapper off?’
Actually I really like market researchers, because people asking me questions, sends me into a very fuzzy, entirely pleasant hypnotic trance.
And they usually give you a free ice cream at the end of it!

Anyway couple of years ago, i was crossing the pavilion gardens, returning to work from a tranquil hour of Buddhist meditation.
I was pounced upon by a camera crew and an attractive presenter.
She asked ‘excuse me, kind sir. Could you give us one word to sum up Brighton?’
‘errr ummm, errr’, the mermaids by the pier, the rounded domes of the pavilion. look direct at camera. blurt out.

can anyone suggest a word i should have said?

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