desk move ceiling

How does everybody like their new office seats?
mines grand, admittedly only a short crabwise shuffle 5 yards to the right from my last place.
wilderbeest to the water hole, bit of a trample path, but has residual good vibes from all the people who have ever sat here before
The best bit is the enormous skylight, directly above.
I feel like i’m going to be alien abducted by a bright shining light. Else I shall float, drift above to frolic with the angels. thinking about it, those may well be the same things!
the skylight is complete with a little door. the giraffes broom cupboard?!
I could bounce up there?
I spent much of the weekend on a bouncy castle, yippee, boing, boing, stop to cough. splutter.
they’re brill, you can make like wrestlings giant haystacks, roar and hurl the kids harmless wreckless against the wall
……… What i meant to say though, was that once i was up in scotland for new year, a party in a house with a very narrow corridor, wedge yer bum against one wall, brace legs against the other, then shimmy squirm upwards.
3 of us sitting above, there, where the helium ballooons roam, each with a beer (80 shilling? pint of heavy?!)
noses pressed against the plaster ceiling rose.
life imitiating a Lionel Richie song ‘oooh oooh dancing on the ceiling!’

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