sofa so good

all this talk of sofas……….

once when i was hitch hiking to Edinburgh, i dug out an empty Rice Crispies box and a marker pen
for to write my sign: Edinborough (frightfully middle class!), for some reason all the letters didn’t seem to fit, malice a lack of forethought, so my writing got tinier and teensier towards the end… and angled upwards!

I got stuck by the roadside somewhere outside Newcastle.
Eventually a large white van pulled over. 3 oddballs in bobble hats.
pleasant fellows, no room up front with them, they said hop in the back. so I did.
Opening up the back of the van, plonk in the middle, there was a sofa, with a standing lamp besides it.
A proper living room!
Complete even with 3 ceramic ducks, arranged flying across the side wall

One of their friends, more bobble hat action, was sitting on the couch he said ‘we’re off hunting for mushies…. fancy coming?’

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