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Anyone know how to get cheap calls to overseas mobile numbers?


Metaphor! I mean Semaphore! wow, the things people did before the internet
back to the future
near where i grew up there was disused Semaphore tower up on the ridge of the North Downs, a brill place to go and play. I think it’s a tall skinny house now. lots and lots and lots of stairs.

It must have been quite fun standing up there hurrah, hurl, waving a few flags about and looking down on the treetops below.

The tower was part of a chain that stretched all the way from Greenwich to Portsmouth, for sending messages rapidly to and from the fleet ‘Matty Taylor scores a scorcher’
I want to say the fantastic Samuel Pepys set it up, an everyman visionary, but i’m not remotely sure if thats true?

Inspector morse code

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always the first words to learn in any new language!

a lo fi, but useful site

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