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revel in this your beautiful, perfect but perishable body
cherish the astonishing, intricate, infinite complexity of form, for we are dancing miracles!
limbs akimbo, eyes and heart that flame eternal with love
crikey o’Riley aren’t we fabulous
personally i’ve always had a somewhat reluctant relationship to my body, so mind heavy, head centred, that its a constant suprise i don’t just topple over
never thinking i’m particuliarly beautiful, bearably average with a strong, a so so strong predisposition to sloth…
and yet, much neglected, my physique, usually functions impeccably
all those breaths, the flourishing, crimson blood coursing, biome nibble digesting… these processes that swirl and tick with nary an intervention of thankless thought
bravo! gratitude, ta muchly!
handsome is as handsome does
this the golden courgette star flower of desire

late back from an amble around ardingly reservoir with daughter… lockdown leftovers tea… samosas and bhajis, with humous, vegan quesadilla, pad thai and full power salad… anglo-indian-thai-lebanese-mexican… total yum, what a fusion gastro suprising world we inhabit… not quite the corn beef hash, cornflakes and pink mousse of the 70’s! x

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