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another day soused in lucid sunshine, whilst doing my morning pages, ploughing beneath the lines, through the trough and sloth of thought
book poised at a certain angle, i can see the ink glisten as it gushes forth onto the page
a tantalising scintilla, then it is dry, from flow to ridgid certainty
i love writing with an ink pen… monk in his scriptorium… such a different process to hen pecking each letter on a keyboard… his nibs, snickety scalpel steel
mine is much battered, a quid from W H Smiths (W H Audens?!)… i usually write in purple ink, but black, holds all colours
the miniscule twitch and creep of muscles in the hand, a perfection of poise and pressure, as tho embroidering elaborate monograms on a silk handkerchief… even if it looks like spider spool scribble!
a miraculous process, crab wise scuttle across the page (remember to breathe!), for what? spiteful, lazy embittered thoughts, gripes and glum grumbles
ha! i love the glamorous squandering
life is ease and grace, surfing the crest of the present, endless becomming, this extraordinary and rare privilege of being alive! all joined up
bart simpson ate my shorts
bart simpson ate my shorts
bart simpson ate my shorts
dwell forever in love
dwell forever in love

Oh and important only to my obstinate pedantic brain… The typed words are what’s written on the paper and exactly one side of A4! x

to dianne:
ha! why should frank be spared my warblings? thank the kids for their impeccable tolerance… i think it helps being one step removed, whenever Finn and S see me writing something, theres always much eye rolling and an involuntary wince poor lambs how they suffer
as for the colour scheme, kudos to my interior design consultant xx

oh and just back from gathering elder blossoms and a sea swim… lush day here! x

to iain:
thanks, good to hear from ya… embrace the gobbledy gook, however it comes… obvious ideas around process rather than result, ink pens do make us think different
i’m somewhat fascinated by the whole shebang…one huge strand of our thoughts are in words, which are sounds we make with our mouths, with mutually agreed meanings, except instead we create them with our subtle finger muscles and ink on paper, these scribbles are then read somewhere else in time and space, the sense summon spoken aloud in our heads… it’s plain beautiful bonkers!
i read your comment in the tone of your voice… even tho i probs haven’t seen you in 10 years
anyway hope all be glorious, enjoy the unexpected boon of furlough… time to do what you want for yourself xx

to alex:
Wow, are pens right and left handed?? In my privilege I had no idea!… Dexterous and sinister… Weirdly was going to say that occasionally I write one side left handed to limber up an unused part of my mind, thoughts flow differently then… Love to ya lefty xx

Ha! Of course, hand trailing rather than leading… Smudge blots are beautiful (if not very legible) hug right back at ya darling xx

oh and if you ever get the chance have a look at leonardos note books… they are simply amazing! mostly for the chaotic tumble of ideas and extraordinary sketches… but also, as most likely a leftie, the writing is right to left mirror writing! xx


to Luna:
Loooona! yes! he’s a cornish piskie, from polperro… he was sitting (dancing) on my shelf this morning and felt for his playful energy… when i bought him down, i thought of his twin… and you… of sitting on the battlements of jaisalmere with those curious kids… enchanting
hope you, the ‘family’ and your little one (possibly not so little now!?) are flourishing. Love xxx …. oh and obvs come visit the south coast if ever your over in britain! x

Crazy portu-geezers, camels, desert, fires beneath the huge looming stars, a bewildering, wonderful, unforgettable combo! Xx

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