response to a post about portslade

Southwick Marina?! that’s near port slade?
you know, that funny little clump of pleasure boats opposite (D’oh) Springfield/Shoreham Nuclear power station
Theres a really nice Tapas bar (la Cala?) which has a platform area where on a sunny summers sunday afternoon you can sit out, down by the water.
take a fishing net and a bucket and the kids will be entertained for hours, leaving you to get on with the important business of beer and the nattering!
last year they only caught one tiddly fish, but lots of those near translucent water shrimp, bug like creatures…. and jellyfish… a whole trifles worth!

It’s a pleasantly weird post industrial landscape, reminds me of a bar in Hamburg, right down on the sandy beach by the river, you’d sit in a deckchair cocktail in hand, looking up, the backdrop would be these huge heron like cranes and drifting past the most humongous tankers

…back at southwick, you can cross the water there, on foot, over to the power station using a network of jettys and swingbridges. A great rat run.
I always imagine myself to be sword fighting my way across!

… usual decay into doggerel…..
….. past lock and dry dock, jinx of jetty, a poltroons hop, to the other side, on pontoons, the sway, the swagger, rigging of sail boat, cough splutter motorboat…

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