sleep walking

once i was staying in a hostel in Barcelona, big old mixed dorm room with lots of bunk beds, everyone had been out drinking and was in a boisterous mood.
got woken half way thro’ the night by some oaf stumbling about, looking for the loo. He was clearly a bit drunk and a lot sleep walking.
He stopped and p*ssed all over the poor bloke sleeping in the lower bunk!
Once finished he clambered back into bed, straight to sleep.
Half the dorm was awake by now, flabberghasted, but the bloke he weed on snored through the entire thing.
The next day nobody had sufficient gumption to tell him what had happened. how can you?!

Reminds me of the first cub camp i ever went on, Jeremey Rudge who was in our tent peed in his brand new sleeping bag. Unfortunately the dye wasn’t fast, so the next morning he emerged from his damp, sleeping bag cocoon… and he was bright blue from head to toe!

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