crescendo and chaos

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crescendo and chaos. the sea is a brute
flung up, then smashed down… the froth of pummel and turmoil
bedlam. brouhaha. beneath this late afternoon winters light
the sea, she is cajoled then threatened…sister moon, brother wind.
volatile… ever the scientist… pour energy into any system, the outcome: BRoiL then fRENZy!
shout into the wind, these your desires and fears….my heart, some sea thing child


audio of text

super invigourating! and most deffo not for swimming in today
futile feeble to wave either a mobile phone or these few words! but hey, always we do… an urge to share… testament, to bear witness, to immensity
back to bed, a long dreary convalescence… audiobooks, chocolate and bollywood! mellow twixtmas one and all x

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