bird swirl starling swoop

a lovely piccie!

and, if you fancy it some words. futile yet exuberant
do the starlings still do their sun down dance? beautiful
you know the waft… and the weave …and the weft of complex patterns
the bath water swirl as they glide across the $ky

where do they live?
you know, now that the west pier has burnt, a sparkler fizzled to a rusty coat hanger remnant
i know some have taken up residence down the further ruffian end of Rugby Place
others i’ve heard over the water, beneath the Wetherspoons at the marina (cicada chirruping for cheap beer?)

what is a horde of starlings called? gaggle of geese. coven of crows

Once I was hitch hiking home across France, got dropped by a cathedral at sunset.
Metz mebbe? le’s say Reims – bubbleicious
free, but encumbered, fulcrum of mood, excited yet knowing no-one, with nowhere to sleep for the night
Quasimodo, back pack hunchback across the square, head back, look up
zut alors!
marvel at the full laden swollen belly of grey rain clouds. apricot and rosé tinged fringes
there swooped thousands of starlings,
yet somehow brain numbing, like doing difficult sums in your head
the liquid gyrations of quadratic equations.
err .. programmatically incorrect… yet totally Boolean Dude!

…. after a response

aha a murmuring of starlings, thanks aidan
i think tho’ i’ll stick with my original ‘horde’, mostly because it makes me think of a barbarian rabble, Attila the Hun
(Atilla the pun in steves case)

I once discovered that the huns warriors outfit was actually made from voles and field mice, loads of them all fiddley patch work stitched together!

huh.. not so scary now, are you Attila!

… one of the kids at the Steiner school is called Attila too

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