on the beach in Thailand

…..response to a post

kissing frogs is probably bad enuff.. but snakes. yikes!

well… i would recommend books utterly nowt to do with thailand or travel
wherever you are books should be portals for escape, passport for daydreams… that sort of malarkey!
so if your somewhere exotic and sunny, lounge sprawled in a hammock, it’s good to read about rain and grey and post war austerity britain
when i was in asia, i was more like a pack mule portable library, what with the burden of literature, my toy collection and the inflatable frog, impossible to travel light, used to take at least a week to summon the gumption to pack my bag up again and hoik hoist it back onto my back. ever loathe to stir.
somethings i read back then:

‘The biography of malcolm X’ – malc and that bloke who wrote Roots
‘Tess of the D’Urbevilles’ – the endings a bit hammy
‘High Windows’ – poems by Pip Larkin
Herzog – Saul Bellow
‘The Secret Agent’ Conrad, Victorian anarchists blowing up the Greenwich observatory

maybe Siddhartha

there a suitably glum selection

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