land of the lotus eaters

far from be it for me to cast aspersions about Nasturtiuns, but they be an edible flower!
If i recall they go rather well perched atop a salad and have a peppery taste
’tis somehow wonderfully macarbe to munch nashers down into the petals of a flower

are there any other edible flowers?

I was explaining to Finn the other day, ‘oh there are many snackable flowers, such as nasturtiuns… and… err…ummm…err (quick change of subject)… nasturtiuns and sea urchins.. those spiny critters live to be at least 200 years old! Which i guess explains why they haven’t evolved much over millenia. Just loafing about on the sea bed’

Nasturtiuns tho’ are great. Scatter a handful of seeds in a sunny spot by the backdoor and… with no watering, nor encouragement away they go, weedy creeper, strangle, straggle and bedraggle. Come the summer, here a blob, there a blob everywhere a daub daub. just gaudy orange colour.
smartie pants. e-additive bright.
The best bit tho’, love a frog, is that they have huge lily pad leaves, these pool water.
of a milk misty dew strewn morn, each leaf adorned with a perfect pearl of moisture.

nacreous man, if not mostly nonsense!
….i have a feeling nacreous was nabokovs favourite word. sm?

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