Hengist the bonkers Viking

ha! just spent a very enjoyable hour rummaging through some of my old travel letters home, mum, bless, kept all my bewildering correspondence and handed them back to me last year!
i haven’t found the enthusiasm to re-read many of them yet … till now. but their hilarious! i have exactly the same wonderful pompous florid style, but scrawl handwritten, page after page after page, amazed and rather pleased to find i haven’t evolved one jot.
mostly though the letters are lovely, for their ability to summon the faces of old friends and the flavours of long forgotten adventures… today at least. hurrah for the past!!!
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Richard Basgallop oh and pic is 86, ko samuii? or mbe ko sammet? me scrawny from india and hengist a bonkers viking in a thong, who was determined to introduce me to mushies, moon parties and ozzie women… top bloke!

Nicky Guy I’ve just done the same String! I’ve got two big boxes full of old letters and photos and it’s hilarious looking through them! I’ve got some of your old letters too! Plus all the letters I wrote to Mum and Dad from every trip I’ve been on. …and a couple of travel diaries. Some great stories that I had completely forgotten :))

Richard Basgallop he he, enjoy your wallow! good fun ‘eh, i was just thinking how lucky i am, i got to write letters to my folks (and even my grandparents!) friends, sometime lovers and then on my past few trips to my kids. amazing!
slightly tempered by finding out that Finn, then age 13ish never read any of them to S, soulless, surly teenage brute! x

Richard Basgallop oh and feeling generally wafflesome… one of the letters i read was from hungary, and turkey! me and flaps hitching across europe, trying to get past the baffling kafka bureaucracy to go on the trans siberian express, strip searched by german customs, and a lift from a bored eccentric oxford uni drop out, 5hr around the bodensee, he meant to take us only 10 mins down the road, he was suffering from a mystery illness and insisted on stopping to play frisbee every 5 mins!

Richard Basgallop the other letter was from an abandonned log cabin halfway along the triglav trail in the slovenian mountains, me and shiv breaking up the furniture to cook spaghetti (al dente!) in a huge hail storm

Richard Basgallop ?… and most marvelous to keep on having new adventures too!!!

Bil Rose DEEELISHUSSSS!!!!! xxxx

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