i love to stomp around, the ego rage of indignation, a pompous preen of arrogance, subsumed by the sudden squalls of feeling
mind and emotion are so closely interwoven, thoughts and feelings topple into each other, a dunken lurch, the waltz round the dance floor
today i woke thinking more of kindness, what is the basis of kindness? why empathy and compassion, often people proclaim their heart centredness?
but with me, what do i achieve, being good to my friends (who does not do that?) being friendly to people i like?
hmm, actually i do not believe that altruism is merely a sop to ego…
i like to think of myself as kind, but i think this is because often i have been stuck on the edge, peripheral
alone, feeling ignored, with nowhere to look but outwards… yeah, many of us knows how that feels… somet
and sometimes compassion flourishes through reluctance, of grumpily not much feeling like helping someone but doing it anyway
or of seeing someone, feeling incapable of acting, but feeling that twinge of remorse.. and i actually think there is merit in that too
of course it works best when heart, emotion and spirit are all in yoke! Be helpful with joy in your heart! cultivate the softness, cherish feelings of gentleness, gratitude and generosity x

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