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dank… someone has absconded with summer… and despite it being but august we have segued into the season of sogginess, these days of puddle love
the cycle path thronged with snails, i weave in and out of the occasionally unlucky molluscs… them bushes burdened with somewhat moist blackberries
tho my lurid-escent tangerine jacket looks waterproof, it has impressive sponge like properties, and the bike helmet somewhat mushroom toad super mario
of course i’ve been away doing thousands of wonderful things, but nary a picture or a tale! has to wait till i’m home and beginning to succumb to the dullness to post
dank was my word from the festie, a deeply wonderful heart warming experience, indeed, but pushing the car out of the mud on sunday night was very mid 80’s glasto!
gravity is a myth, the earth sucks
anyway struggles and difficulties around for many folk i know at the mo… is it ever thus?… hard to feel the love sometimes… courage and fortitude, love is always there
witter done! look pictures!

julia: Best… photo…ever!!

thanks! i thought it was a good un too… seaford, rain and me are deeply photogenic… you home from meanderings yet? xx

Lou: I love your posts Rich 💜

thanks love, been meaning to message ya, side tracked by the bicyclette-ing and general hurly burly, later xxxxxx

oh and somehow this one cropped up on newsfeed… ha, me posing like a good un..

Lou: lol the only evidence we were there, I enjoyed out chai/golden milk catch up – more of this!

Kathy: Love the puddle pic! Yes, autumn too soon x

kathy! gotta love a good puddle stomp.. always astonished your on here… high time we rendezvoused! xxx

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