Amma 2012

back from a lovely few days in london, the unlikely, but fab, juxtaposition of time spent in ally pally with amma …then straight off to meet Finn and his fellow city toilers in canary wharfe. proud of our son… wheras with amma, its usually for me, a gentle, opening, powerful energy, of course it bought up many things (pos not for a facebook status), but primarily love, bliss, nowt but a huge beaming Thank You! x

Richard Basgallop hmm just tried turning on the heating for the first time this year, but don’t seem to want to happen, probably i’ve just forgotten some immensely important switch? scratches head…oh well, otherwise i’ll just have to beam radiance all night… wooly hat and thermal long john vibes x
27 October at 20:40 · Like

Jo I love Amma!
27 October at 20:58 · Like

Leah How was your experience with Amma?
27 October at 22:05 · Like

Emma Ahhhh, beautiful lady. Hope she gave you a BIG cuddle!

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