(from a few days ago)

ooh eclipse in oz (g’day cairns!)… reminds me of the one i stumbled upon by chance in bagan, myanmar.
2 old pics by simon who kindly dashed about giving out cut up x-ray paper to protect the eyes of the locals
i was perched atop one of the ancient temples all on my own, majestic, powerful, profound stuff!
for this one apparently we’re best off with rituals in watery subterranean places (sea life center?!)
i’ve had a mega busy week, doing loads of interesting amazing things, but also struggling with some of both my own and other peoples darkness (possibly the same thing?!)
not really for facebook tho, which usually best when kept frothy and fluffy!
but wishing you all peace, insight, a gentle opening to the forces which engulf us… and of course love x

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