pomegranate! very much the order of the day, especially as it seems to have taken me the entire afternoon to guzzle one
its the fiddly custard pith (taking the)… in fact i cannae decide if i loathe the painstakingly slow picking, prodding and rummaging or if thats the bit i enjoy the most! (flaunt your contradictions)
but such a delicious, gorgeous abundance of scarlet jewells, yum!
of course its the season for them as mythologically closely associated with persephone and her yearly sojourn in the underworld, so usually would expect the high priestess card, but also a symbol of the empress (is pomegranate the original fruit from the garden of eden?), so a strong feisty empress card (pic by m meleen)


Iron and Wine – Resurrection Fern (Live)

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Richard Basgallop … and my song of teh day, been on repeat whilst programming, oh just realised its called resurrection fern, fits the persephone theme.. a lovely wallow! x

Richard Basgallop ‘And we’ll undress beside the ashes of the fire
Our tender bellies are wound around in baling wire
All the more a pair of underwater pearls
Than the oak tree and its resurrection fern’

Kirstine i like the fact that they take so long to eat and ofc its the symbol of granada always a special place in my heart.

Richard Basgallop really! thanks. makes sense, a place very much in my heart too x

Kirstine didnt u notice all the drain covers had pics of pomegranates on them lol

Richard Basgallop ha! no. i was too busy looking befuddled at the stars… reminds me that when i got there, walking on the marble flag stones by the cathedral (off to boccy bobs no doubt) my trainers, sneakers would always squeak! eek eek. but then after a month they bizarrely stopped, as tho the squeak chemicals had all run out, that or i finally belonged?

Fuchsia Hey hey, if you want a quick way to get at those little gems… cut fruit in half, hold cut side down over a bowl & tap/hit the outside with a spoon or other such implement (i find the blunt side of a thick knife works nicely) & wallah!! xx

Kirstine and then eat them one by one slowly :p

Richard Basgallop ha. thanks. i like your style, cruel and brusque, turn them inside out, like a glove, till they ping into the bowl… then k, plunge your head in and sl-u-rp hoover them up! yum
righteyho off to peel a grape next

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