this mornings Roar-a-geddon

…… comments banter with mel

Mel: Great shot. Obviously I’m still the photographer in the family!! But kudos where due!


yes, thats true… also the ‘writer of the family’, plus you can ‘pick out any tune by ear on the piano’… was it Ray who said that?Renaissance Woman! we other siblings are but stunted, over awed, saplings in your shade!

…. actually i feel a little like Gordon da Vinci… little known younger brother of the maestroLeonardo magnanimously allowed him to white wash the wall and put up the shelf on which the mona lisa stood

the shelf, needless to say was wonky, no spirit levels in those days, some say that is why la Giaconda has a skewhiff smile?

hmm if we were the spice girls, i’d inevitably be sporty? as i’m ‘not bad at badminton’ and was captain of waynefletes chess club

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