audio of text

urbane. (kurt urbane? nevermind)
paste up, plenty of ganesha graffiti around town, the elephant schnozzed remover of obstacles… a face fit for the zeitgeist
i’ve been missing the urban environment, fun under most circumstances..

praha was often at its best, meandering home across karlov most, suprised at dawn, nights of bleary extravagance

freewheelin’ around town on my bike, custard sunshine, today… the place curiously half empty, lacking herds, hordes and throng… bikes down kensington gardens!
the first lockdown had the feel of zombie apocalypse, now after this long winter, more the ennui of enuff
cycled in from saltdean along the undercliff, astonishing the vocal range of the ocean … swoosh, gurgle, seethe, plop, splosh… sumptuous sunset light on the way home
burbling ever on, a curious week of aunts funeral, work, sea swim and howell road zoom reunion… 36 years, crikey!

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