London – Brighton 1

audio of text

kings of da fooking mountain!
Finn and i did the London to Brighton yesterday (fathers day too!)
more snaps and a leisurely tale later, probs, but we both made it cycling up the beacon! euphoria… and a lovely eagles eyrie view up top
Finn youthful, upbeat and determined, and on a reasonable bike, skipped up
wheras i slipped into granny gear and grim ground it out… as often with me, an astonishing over achievement
i hadn’t intended to pedal up, but once you start, there is a certain reluctant stubborn-ness, ha!
mostly it’s that it come after 45 miles when your a smidgin weary from spinning wheels
to put it in perspective tho, the young lad we were chatting to, who took this snap, made it up on a 1970’s small wheeled Raleigh shopper, with no gears

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