kids ‘busy’ on computers… but i like making a mess with tinsel sparkle stuff!

finally roused my daughter for a game of penny up the stairs, a fine gambling game, managed to claw back some of her christmas money, but be warned, youngsters get darn good at it disturbingly quickly.. son off to a party now, but did play bop it… spin it, twist it, twist it… BOP IT!!!… must remember to breathe when i funky dance and play… phew
aw forgot to wish everyone on facebook a happy new year, so i’ll do it here, he he, in a quickly swept away comment, bless you all my fellow galloots and vagabonds, thanks for the humour, wisdom and above all patience… wish you all (and myself) happiness, the gift of gentleness, kindness, that it flows gorgeously and that we feel, sometimes at least, the radiant beauty of our amazing world!!! happy new year xxx

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