first (and of necessity briefest!) sea swim of the year, traditional post and pic again… blooming nippy, but utterly wonderful!!
never good to hang around too long when you nary can feel your tootsies or any of the other extremities
look how shrunken titchy my arm has become!… and pinkies well pink… but tis always about the turban
sparkle blue sea vibrant… ponder blossoms galore… impossible not to love spring days like these!

Jody: Guru Bas says ‘My way is the only way to enlightenment!’

ha! yes. whippersnapper acolyte, the rays of the sun are many and manifest, the depth, the wisdom of the ocean immense, yet beneath the sway of the turban all is one

Kirst: Yes yes xxx

YES! x tho a little brrr too!

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