Relinquish everything, slip deep beneath the numinous numbness of being, forget even that ever there was thought
glug salt splutter!… and remember to keep mouth closed… whilst floating, a speck midst the mighty ocean… this morning, bob bob bobbing along
leave all niggles, qualms, foibles neatly in a pile on the beach… there next to my recklessly strewn clobber
brain in a vat? no, just take one look at the nervous system, we are forever the jellyfish that absconded!
all life remembers the waters… love like rain, will always find its way to the sea
a dalliance of every conceivable blue.. cobalt, azure, royal, turquoise
as humans, we are always poised, nay dangled, between the heavens above and the oceans depths below… could be worse?
sea cold, tightens, focuses us to the meniscus of skin… but our bodies, being water, here submerged within water, spread forever, distant to the horizon
sun pumelled, duck dive beneath the sea, a few hearty man from atlantis dolphin kicks, towards the sure (shore)… hop on bike, then pedal like billyho back to work
… usual word blather, apols no idea who the lovely pic is by!

and snap from yestereve… horrified offspring and impressive rainbows!

Tallula: so soft and beautiful

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