solstice stones

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happy solstice! may fire and passion blaze forever in your hearts
… and if your british, wear red knickers on your head and prance around an ancient stone circle at dawn (again)
just back from a 5Rhythms crew overnight adventure jaunt to the stones
how was stonehenge? bizarre, motley, chaotic and really rather wonderful!
yes of course everybody and their grandmother was there, waving there phones in the air (ever on trend i managed 6 grainy snaps)
in the dark hours before dawn too many geezers meandering… but buried within it all, why firstly the stones themselves, ancient, warm, soft and pulsating, freckled with lichen, fluffy with moss giving back all the lush heat of the day,
and yes some of the drumming was incessant and tedious… but then for an hour, lost midst the supple gyre of looping rhythms, arms flung high to the dark night sky, ullulating to the sarsen stones looming large overhead, together
later dancing up the sun with the krishnas, whilst everyone peers like meerkats, waiting awaiting away to the east
and finally a shared moment at the altar stone… a circle of us, hands touching, forehead softly nestled to the rock… exhausted, remembering, tears on my cheek… fare well, dwell long beloved soul in these the summer lands of the spirit
a wordless hug with a soft, beautiful stranger
ha! and the voyage there and back, frazzled in arundel tea rooms
… stone circles are amazing… four and a half thousand years! our land, all of us, wherever we are from, a privilege and a treat to be amongst them
right off to dance… waagh

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ha! i wish, sadly not, nor is it hand woven by dryads, from spider skein under the lambent light of the beltane fool moon? no, you know me a vision in lurid polyester and cheap nylons… my soul is 100% acrylic… charity shop find some years back xx

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