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ha! wonderful! middle aged manatee encounters himself for the first time in the realm of virtual reality
pics by marie, from her expresso martini, burrito and science birfday
i think i was supposed to be solving a puzzle? but got distracted by dancing with myself, groovy entranced!
being of a solipsistic disposition, i’ve always enjoyed boogie-ing with my own shadow
the best tho, possibly, was dancing with z in the prague hall of mirrors, after sleeping on the hill, near the pong of Rose gardens, neath the eiffel tower
mirror myriad me, zee …and bruce lee

‘destroy the image and you will break the enemy!’

May: This was my fav moment from yesterday.. well maybe after breaking into my own flat 😆

Ha! Wave some plastic at the lock and do the tarantella! Easy when you’ve skillz xx

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