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money! rummaging down the back of sofa, looking neath piles of clobber un-dust-disturbed for centuries, midden-hoard gaurded by smaug!
i have unearthed 42 of these leaden gold dullard shinys… at first i thought it was 23… anyway more than mere fingers and toes allow
also many sea shells, hag stones and my first ever mobile phone… treasure galore!
my policy with loose change is to heave it out of pockets into strewn heft heaps, presuming that with teenagers in the house, they will fillet the piles, for chunky coinage for bus fare useage
these they missed!!
2 weeks left… what shall i do with them? how shall i squander?
half on bauble-age, half on a good cause? i reck
for some reason i am pondering bonkers newton, who not only spent longer writing mystical alchemical treatise than investigating gravity
but in his later life as guardian of the Royal Mint became obsessed with catching coin clippers… those that parmesan grate toenail clippings metal melt down and recongeal!

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