festie face

audio of text

festie face! like some sepia wee and tea stained old master portrait, and an impressive chameleon blending with the wall
a couple of consecutive long long 5am nights dancing like a nutter at bimble down the road
managed to neglect to take a single snap whilst there, yet great thanks to all the bonkers folk and co-boogiers
you guys were beautiful!! even if i can barely summon any names? a suprisingly healthy buddhafield contingent!… glitter, glory and sweat galore
sadly didn’t make it back this arvo, storms and perpetual snoozing
did manage one good dawn time deed picking a gaggle of trashed 18 year old gatecrashers up off the entrance road and taking them home to piddinghoe, beneath the grogginess, they were lovely… ooh we’ve most certainly all been there

… and mostly unrelated, always loved this botticelli, glimpsed whilst posting

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