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ladies and Gentlemen i give you: MARROW AND FELLAINI!
the lanky moroccan, good with his head, likes to make the onion bag bulge
sigh, i can now safely retire from the world of football based home grown comedy vegetable puns
these flourished in the garden, first of the courgettes… but turn yer back for a minute and they swell into marrows
as for the yellow ones? gawd knows what they are, i have many of diverse sizes
i saved the seeds from last years very green conventional courgette/marrows and these sprung up… deffo squashes of some sort? presumably edible
he shall be cooked into a suitable tagine, with lots of spices and chick peas!
tho do appreciate the venn diagram overlap of my friends who like football, growing veg and genius puns is probs pretty small
don’t worry hippies, more spiritual gubbins to follow soon! time to finally wash off the glitter and on with work x

and his most famous photo for comparisson

ant: I guess this proves that you courgette what you pay for.

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