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murk. yes murk, presiding deity and chief emotion of the season
the beach a rhapsody in beige, demerera sand, sea of uncouth sewage, sky? indistinguishable, but a tipple more grey
yet, reluctantly shrugging off my dislike, soft landings, a glowing, form summons forth from the soup!… bask in this subtle candescence, world, and mind, abides in a richness of pattern
… couple of pics, then head to lidl for chocolate, beer and pistachios!
ha, yet, woke up this morning, with the intention of full heartedness, like when singing? then found myself sobbing whilst juicing vegetables
no harm. sorrow, grief, loss – a certain sweetness, inevitable and natural part of our humanity… acceptable poster boy, for the horsemen of low mood?
plus, the salt of tears adds a taste frisson to the brew of beetroot and broccoli stalks
meditation, yoga, tax return, a robin singing atop a bush, first small stirrings of green, rummaged down, there amongst the mud. murk

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