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triffid! er triffid-odil? crocodile? daffodil!
had almost forgotten that yes green things do-eth grow… then up pops one of these nod head sunshine flavoured smile emojii’s… pic is a bit grainy, a la the big foot ness monster… but ya get the idea
seems remarkably early? another sign that the seasons are scuppered… but at least hope that the long plod through darkness may not be entirely endless

lovely afternoon away from work up at the permie plot in stanmer, unite the beat were running a tactile and funky sound workshop too
good fun, i was on lead watering can… slosh splosh rhythms, plus you get to soak all your fellow band members too!

snowdrops keep falling on me head… tra la la

James: Exciting ~ the wave will spread oop north from you before we know it. I’ll get my speedos out the loft 😄

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