ginger turmeric ninja!

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ginger turmeric ninja!
before my morning bike ride and the mostly pleasant work drudgery… juice of fire! juice of immortality! ha, well certainly a colour and zing beyond even… err… custard!
and look my mung bean sprouts are on the cusp o erupting… so eager to nab a suitable selfie i neglected to notice i’d dunked a stray dread in the juice
somehow tatses better slurped from an antique 90’s crusty dread?… and yes, yes ninjas may sometimes require stealth, but this one has rather succumbed to louche flambuoyance


ha! mostly the turmeric has stained ma soul… but with that colour, well, i’m embracing my inner oompa loompa this week
the juicer has taken a mustard bashing, but i mostly like things only when their a little dog eared and battered

yep, yep dread slurped, plenty of vintage micro nutrients and strength particles sequestered away in there!

and turmeric nodules always make me think of some weird alien caterpillar grub like larvae… one day will hatch into a dragon! x

Sapna: Marigolds -an excellent idea! You are a turmeric master

black belt!… or rather golden thread x

Roisin: Count me in! Sounds like the place to be

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