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possibly one of the dullest snaps i’ve posted (even by my not exactly exalted standards!)… here/now up in the loft next to my computer
…. but but but… also one of the more exciting! seeds galore! the perplexion of potential… too da max!
nature abhors a vacuum (i’m not a great fan of hoovering myself)… all being well… with a little sunshine, periodic watering and my singing to them … rainy night in georgia being todays fave
in a few months, all will be glut and abundance.
sow seeds now! tis a revolutionary act!
this batch toms, chilles, courgettes and lettuce… mostly stuff which has loitered forgotten about from last years crop, that and some from the marvelous seedy sunday
this year i am cheating slightly… shop compost, my home produced wonder stuff… size of a cow… will be for when they go out into the cruel harsh world
as with mine theres always random nettles growing through… too many years of nibbling away playing lettuce or vetch… usually vetch i retch
anyway eventually it will stop raining? easter blessings y’all xx

katie: This is definitely not dull!! It’s brightened my day no end…the seeds sown and Randy Crawford on a rainy day in Seaford. Thank ou

ha! better than a Seedy day in Rainford… my pun-tastic brain wants to say, hope your all getting on swimmingly!… pop in some day soon, and will keep ya posted if theres any socials up at the garden xx

hannah b: Of course you know Katie Hall, Richard Basgallop ! Haha. I also like your seedy pic, need to get going with mine bit involving a toddler in the rain makes it more of a daunting task than usual… 😉 ! Need to meet up soon xx

ha! my tentacles are everywhere… get going with your sprouting, tho yeah must be many toddler-esque distractions! we should all rendezvousvous… now that all be spring xx

megan: I have started lots of mine too. Nothing I can think of provides more hope and optimism than this!

growing galore! life fills me with profound astonishment… with the caveat that just as well i don’t have to survive solely on the shoots i tend, ha… hope all be glorious in that most beautiful of cities xx

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