brass monkeys

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brass monkeys out there today! an easterly that will eat yer face. bone gnaw, but buffeted by the gentle, sporadic swirl of dandruff snow… dandruff, such a 1970’s affliction! all middleaged men, leer sleazy in polyester suits.
anyway quaff of ginger, shoo kids out of the house about their various missions (a miserably hungover son, i so don’t miss that). Then don muddy gardening glove gauntlets and hop on my bike!
such a joy to be outside… bike finally mended… after a few weeks of it being in a state of disrepair, strewn across the kitchen. hurrah!
the few folk you meet all greet you with a wave, everyone like an over enthusiastic volkswagen beetle driver… a jogger, 2 stray dogwalkers… and one fellow, towell, jam roly polyed under his arm, clearly away to cavort in the sea! blimey!
… oh and the icicles! they’re from the weekend… saw them dangling above me, like the proverbial sword of damocles, from the cliff top on high
scrambled up to get a better look, and grok the view, interestingly, if i’d clambered over the lip of the cliff from above, i’d have been terrified, but as i wriggled up from below felt rather safe
anyway don’t let the icicles skewer you from above, trepanned, soul opened to the endless flood of spirit from above
…euripides tho he was killed when an eagle dropped a tortoise shell from on high upon his bonce! greek tradgedy
… as often the way, nothing to say, but do enjoy saying it


ah yes, every morning all of us sing the world into being! x
tho actually i went to singing on saturday, huge fun as always, yet my contribution, even after umpteen years practice remains a dismal caterwaul… sometimes i hit the right notes, but being a little tone death i’m not always sure when that fortuitous event happens

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