watering can

audio of text

ooh only just noticed this was up! not everyday you get to play lead watering can in a hair metal video! 🤘 RAWK! 🤘… well not exactly
pleasant, serendipitous congruency: a few weeks back, on a sunny winters day up at the permaculture plot in stanmer… where i sporadically volunteer…
Em and Malik, unite the beat, friends from our ‘share your story’ group were leading a workshop in found sound
huge joyful fun, we got to flap away at the spinach, bash and bang on everything! then blindfolded meander about the plot, navigating by being tuned in to the aural properties of the space
…and the result, this beautiful, lovingly hand crafted promo video for the plot
ah to be working in community outside in such a beautiful space on a lovely day! on with me code

the excellent share your story


brighton permaculture


check out some of unite the beats other projects, inspiring stuff, thanks guys! x


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