hawthorn tincture

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hawthorn tincture day!

froth of white blossoms galore on the hillside, sacred to venus aphrodite, i’ve been thinking to garner them for the last week… but was waiting until the moon was waxing rather than waning… when you don’t know what your doing always helps to make it up

broadly take some scissors and snippety snip the flowers and tender young leaves, above the woody bit basically, i was nibbling blossoms non stop and such a refulgent pong!

shove flowers into a demi john, souse with the cheapest wodka lidl can provide… hide in a dark cupboard for a month (tincture not me!)

Rachmaninov! you know its going to be good when named after a melodramatic Russian piano noodler!

ah i love writing the same post every year! seasonal circular… but hawthorn, may, member of the Rose family, the best medicine for a broken heart and most other cardiovascular conundrums!

oh listening to this its got that ‘all by myself’ melody, blooming Rachmaninoff ripping off 1970’s soppy ballads

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