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brut twitch, then heft of rod, plucked forth from the sea… quick silver, lightning quiver… abrupt.. beauty sundered from it’s element
holy mackerel batface! such wonderful creatures, luminous blue and brown tiger stripes set gainst a backdrop of silver glisten… sleek speed epitomy, nowt but taut wriggle muscle, destination forward, yet also somebody’s supper
yep, herds of fisher folk out this eve.. i was away for the usual amble paced sunset pedal and swim
yet once chest deep in the water, you could see the line of darknes approaching, the outlier, a flick, then scamper sparkle of white bait, next, momentarily, the sea heaves and boils…
mackerel banqueting on minnows… before furtive, then gone… euphoria of the wild wild fairy chase
not a pescatarian myself, as a teenager, it was actually the relief of being on a fishing boat and not catching a mackerel that first prompted me in the direction of vegetarianism, too squeamish for the blood and brain splatter cudgel… that at least remains the same… not from any moral superiority, just not for me
blessings on these truly beautiful and potent creatures

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