aww gotta love summer in the 90’s, with all its golden sea sepia nostalgia glow!
the slightly unusual combo of me, Raymondo, Mum and baby Nick, on the walk to polperro
hmm must be 94? gulp nearly a quarter of a century ago… Mel over from Miami, so i’m just back from Praha? or more likely the caves in Granada? just before South America any roads

as i sit here eating ‘dinner’, organic avocado, popcorn hot from the pan and some sweet chilli sauce (do what you want kids!),
easy to stumble into the trope ‘where did it all go wrong?’, but, ha, actually it all went rather marvelously well,
time just passed, not the same as saying, there aren’t so so many things i wish had gone differently, but actually such a blessed existence! x

interspersed with comments from mole!

ha! blooming hope not, but a man muddling thru his maudlin’ young molefred x

i’m currently perusing the internet for 900mm quadrant shower doors, so clearly the glory days are on their way! x

ooh thanks, aw you’ve set my heart tap dancing with your tip top tap top tips! whoops gone a bit dr zeuss x

we look like supergrass! kinda… and who could argue with:
‘we are young, we run free, we’ve got teeth nice and clean…’

dita: Baz! You’ve been exactly like that!!!! (You still are 😉 but it’s funny to see your 90´s face again! Pusa!

aw ditka (ditichku?!), i laughed when i saw this one, it is exactly my praha face and the clothes! ear shaped shell necklace, my favourite ever pink and purple jumper and such astonishing luxuriance of hair! bouffant
goooood times… come visit me and the ocean this summer xx

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