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Urbane! Kurt Urbane. At my best, from a flattering aspect, i am a kindly and charming soul…
if you were to meet me in a cafe in some far distant land (as some of you have), why then i would amuse and bamboozle with oft uttered anecdotes…
smoothe like sea glass… some suave weather beaten leathery lump o’ wood?
love to talk, yet also to listen… world piques us curious… together we make something…
first on the dance floor, and often the last to leave… when i hear the sound of my own laugh, why it makes me laugh even more!
What be the wisdom of age? why a certain baggy capacity, a knowing that i am enough
braggard, smug egotism? of course! but thats just a single facet, not so hot on days where the usual neurosis, renders me near incapable of tumbling out of bed…
apparently my love of selfies is a feature of libra ascending? and in snaps nowadays, it’s a choice twixt smiling or having eyes! happy or eyes? eyes or happy! bastard choice
yes, the visage of somebody, thus far, blessed with benign circumstances
… and that ‘capacity’, a result of all the times life has threatened to capsize, yet the love of others has somehow buoyed me up
we are stronger for the beautiful enduring nexus of our connections
of course life and time will ultimately chew us all up, we all know that
but yeah, in the beautiful, brief boon, of the lull of now, why, best surely, to enjoy being you?!!

less words, more likes, but always i enjoy the song of my own saying
hmm ‘urbane’, for a pic in the countryside? isn’t it ironic… alanis morissete stylee!

reply to Rhona

ha! thanks love, my eyes radiate a benign cosmic charm… or not… have to rely on the subtle sunset light nowadays
i also have the dilemna… smile and have no eyes? or eyes and no smile… eyes or happy… happy or eyes?! difficult when you just love to guffaw!
anyway if you guys are ever over sussex way pop by and stay… plenty of room for the family… be great to see ya (it’s been a while) xxx

reply to Hannah

Thanks… Wellington bootifull… Was up to me midrift in mud (slight exaggeration)… But, obvs, always worth it for a selfie… Holi looks like it was a blast! Xx

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