tree pose

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yoga poses i’m enjoying at the mo (a short series, almost certainly of 1)
tree pose (Vrksasana)… i’ve always considered myself to be reasonably rubbish at balance poses, but by doing yoga more in the morning rather than much later at classes in the evening, i don’t fall over as much!
gravity is less early in the day q.e.d… actually i always just knew it was you buffoons putting me off with your inept teeter tootter toppling! (oops!)
things i like about tree pose… well, i always imagine i’m some sort of mature majestic beech, slender, tall, smooth grey skin trunk (fagus fagus! and i was fagin in the caves)
gotta love the flow of tree energy… we be ents… tweaking a Reiki(?) meditaion… in the pose focus attention on the hara, just below the belly button, all weight flowing down the stationary leg
then imagine roots burst forth from the foot, then wriggle down into the ground
slowly these roots start to absorb energy up from the earth mother… red gold, gold red… oozing upwards to suffuse the body
next as the arms waft aloft, stretch, reach to the heavens, white light flows down from the heavenly father, through the crown chakra…
these 2 energies blend and merge in the heart, we shimmer tantalise with light
….try not to fall over
inevitably getting into pose, before the 5 second timer on my computer camera was a dash… watch da birdie!
and i much prefered just goofing about!
sigh signalling virtue again! tis a hobby during lockdown

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